15 Piece Dark Earth Set
The Dark Set that I make has a range of colors, but no browns. I've sought to remede that with this set. When I would think of brown I would think of dull. That is until I started to play with these colors. Rich dark browns are necessary colors for both landscape and figure work. If one starts thinking of brown as an off-shoot of orange then you can start to see where the intrigue comes from.
This set grew out of the range of dark browns that I developed from several customer requests. I was curious to see what would happen to make these even darker and richer.  
It came to me one day that I could make a very intense black using only black materials. This is actually not as easy as it sounds. This worked out even better then I could imagine. The new result #461 is so dark it is like drawing with a hole. The #450 is a warm black that I make. It has a small amount of burnt umber mixed with it.  
450 & 461
The #690, 691, and 692 are darker versions of the #580, 582, and 584 above. The 693 is the formula for the intense black above with a bit of red added.
I started these with the intense black and a little green. This was then mixed with a mars yellow to make warm earthy browns.  



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