Customer Comments

I received my order yesterday afternoon and had to write and tell you how happy I am with the pastels. The velvety feel of each stick, not to mention the consistency from stick to stick, was amazing. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to pastels, having only worked with them for about six months, but as I tried each stick out last night I felt like I was really in control of the color that I laid down (as opposed to some of the soft pastels I've tried in the past where I would inevitably lay down too much or not enough!). This is also the first time I've ever ordered pastels from the internet and I was pleased with the result. The colors were even richer in person and each stick was in perfect condition. Thank you for all of the hard work that your company has put into these pastels (I will certainly give my set a good home!)

Sincerely, Rebecca


I have been tremendously enjoying my pastels from Mount Vision. They are absolutely AWESOME! The colors go on so smoothly - like butter. Coverage is excellent. If you ever need someone to demonstrate your pastels in the Seattle area or anywhere - PLEASE call on me!.

Jeanne Rognlie


Wow!!! They arrived today and I am SO happy! They are the creamiest, smoothest pastels I have ever held in my hand. I swear, I got butterflies in my stomach when I brushed a small piece along a tissue paper - man did it glide across the surface!! I have to start a project right away so I can begin to play with these. Wow!!

Thanks from a new, loyal customer, Leslie Davidson


.....First I did proudly display it to several faculty at Parsons, students as well. But what was particularly stupendous for me was in my own use of them. When you say they have a "buttery feel" to them, it is more than true. And the lushness of the colors, all of this worked together to send my work into a whole new route, reawakening my hand in the most stunning fashion. Those pastels just brought back my own feel for gesture and a feeling for fluidity which makes art truly sing.

All my best, Susan


A wonderful article from: The Pastel Society of North Florida Newsletter