Jimmy, can you talk about the ideas behind the drawing?

My idea is to make a series of at least twenty self portraits which will be hung on a wall in a grid as a group. This is "Self no. 6." Each head needs to be about the same identical size, scale and space as the previous one. I measured the average height and width of the first pastel in the series and marked that size on the paper with the head being shifted to the left side of the paper. So far, all the portraits have the chin resting on the bottom edge of the paper. I am working from a combination of the photographs on the board and a handheld mirror. Not visible in the photograph to your left is a third photograph, which is a black and white version of the color photo. The lower photograph, which is blurred, is for feeling. The top one is for structure. I make these digital photo self-portraits for various states of emotional and facial expression in the tradition of the eighteenth century genre, tete d'expression. Recently I saw an exhibition of pastels and drawings by Greuze at the Frick, which were a major inspiration.