A unique soft yellow mixed with an "unbleached" titanium. This is neither bright nor earthy but somewhere inbetween. The tones are mixed with the #10 to make equally interesting ranges to orange.
This is strong orange shade naples yellow. The above #90-#92 can be used if you are looking for yellower tones. The tints have a nice warmth due to the strong yellow undertone.
A bright mixture of mars yellow and an arylide yellow. The #270 is deepened with the addition of ultramarine violet resulting in a darker tone with no grey. The mars yellow gives the tones a softer feel without the earthyness of the #440's below.
This is raw sienna and its' tones mixed with white. The essential earth yellow.
A bright mid-range arylide yellow. The two lightest tones are very nice creamy pale yellows.
This is a bright almost electric yellow with some very bright and energetic tones.
I took the same pigments from the #550's above and mixed in some ultramarine violet. The #560 is very close to the #550 but the slight pinch of violet keeps it from jumping off the page. By adding more violet to the tones we get some wonderful greens until we end at a warm grey green with many possibilities.
Adding a wee bit of red to the #290 I've made a deep yellow just before it turns orange (ie. #400). With the tones I've mixed a mars orange (#311) to make a range of autumn golds.
Raw sienna brightened with an arylide yellow and then mixed with a natural black iron oxide make a very nice intense earthy yellow. I've used more grey in the tints for some lovely soft pale warm green greys.
Mixing yellow with black makes a wonderful range of olive greens. From a deep rich almost black to a light green with a strong yellow undertone.