An odd red mixed with a little Mars Orange (#311). The lighter tones are mixed with a mixture of regular and unbleached titanium to give some wonderful coral colors that are very useful for figure painting because of the warmth.
A soft bluish pink with a nice coolness that keeps it from popping off the page.
This is a nice burgundy that I mix some grey into the tones for some really useful warm neutrals very good for figure work.
A mars red that is very strong as a full tone, #320. It will cover anything. The tones are subtle without being brown.
This is a mars red but mixed with a quinacridone violet. The first has a natural black iron oxide to make a srtong shade. As you can see compared to the #320's above these are redder but still some nice subtle color.
My range of orange to deep red. The first 4 are mixtures of red and yellow, more red as you go across. The #404 has a quinacridone violet, just enough to make a nice medium red. #405 has some violet so it is a deep red without going brown.
A crimson red. The tones are even a bit bluer than the #240's above.
Another one of my mixtures based on out thunderstorms here in Florida. This is a dark blackish red that becomes purer as it gets paler.