The idea was to make the color of back lighted grass, that is a strong yellow with a green edge which became #612. I kept adding more blue to make the darker tones which are unique greens in themselves. The word that comes to mind to describe them is "deferential".
Very earthy yellow greens. I discovered their nessessity after moving to Florida from upstate New York. The greens are much warmer here.
A bright grass green. Very much on the yellow side which isn't quite captured in the photograph at left.
A chromium oxide green. #350 has some raw umber making an earthy shade. The tones are earthy without being grey.
A chromium oxide mixed with a phthalo blue making a much bluer and cooler green than the above #350's.
An almost neutral green grey.
Another green grey but this is much yellower/warmer than the above #170's. They work well together giving you a choice of warm or cool neutral greens.
A mixture of chromium oxide green and mars red making a complementary grey. The lighter tones are great neutrals for figure/portrait work.
A bright arylide yellow and a phthalo green make this almost electric yellow green the brightest green in the collection. Along with titanium white to make the tones I add some of #10 giving them a unique richness.
I've used the mixture for the yellow #90 to make these soft yellow greens by adding some phthalo blue. As opposed to making tints by adding white I simply used less blue so that they become yellower.
Starting with a slightly stronger green than the #120 above I made the tints with a titanium white and yellow mix so that they become paler and yellower at the same time. I found this in natural greens in sunlight.
This is a mixture of a natural brown oxide with a phthalo blue which makes strong earth greens at the beginning and then nice olivey yellow greens in the lighter tones.

The first three are very dark greens. The #391 is black mixed with phthalo green. #390 has yellow added, #392 has phthalo blue added. The #390 is the greenest, #392 is almost a turquoise. The #393 is the closest to a viridian green that I can make.

A big, bright, bold phthalo turquoise. I can't seem to get a picture to do it justice.